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Need Building Cleaning Service near Lincoln NE? Building cleaning service in Lincoln NE: LNK Janitorial Services is recognized as a leading provider of commercial office cleaning, building cleaning, commercial building janitorial services because we use only the most skilled janitors and cleaning professionals. Call for a free estimates. Cost of Building Cleaning Service?

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When you hire our building cleaning company to meet all your office cleaning and building cleaning in Lincoln NE, you can be sure that you will receive only the best, most professional attention and building cleaning service. Unlike other building cleaning companies that might not offer a full range of quality building cleaning services, we work hard to make sure that are customers are always satisfied with our building cleaning and maintenance service. Free estimates. Located in Lincoln NE. How much does building cleaning cost? Call us for an instant quote.


We provide high quality and reliable janitorial service for companies just like yours. From restrooms to boardrooms, our office cleaning services keep your property — and your image — spotless. Focus on your core business and put our 20+ years’ experience to work for you.


Your offices are part of your business image and often give clients a lasting impression. A clean and attractive office can reflect positively on your company, but you probably don’t have the time to clean your Lincoln offices properly. Commercial Cleaning Lincoln can do the cleaning for you, letting you focus on running your business. You can rest easy knowing your offices are being cleaned by a bonded and insured Lincoln cleaners that have the experience and integrity to handle your commercial cleaning needs with efficiency and discretion.

Commercial cleaning is our specialty. Every one of our cleaners in Lincoln is experienced at commercial cleaning and office cleaning at all levels, ensuring that your offices will be thoroughly cleaned to your satisfaction every time. We also offer janitorial services and building maintenance, giving your company the convenience of one-stop contracting for all your commercial cleaning and maintenance needs.


At LNK Janitorial Services Building cleaning, we understand how important a clean environment is to the success of your business. Call us!

  • Need a post-construction cleanup? Call us!
  • Need consistent janitorial services for your business or medical facility? Call us!
  • Need your showroom shined to perfection? Call us!
  • Need maintenance services for your commercial or residential rental property? Call us!
  • Got a unique cleaning job no one else will do? Call us!
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What Janitorial Services Do You Need?

  • Blind & Drapery Maintenance
  • Blind Re-taping and Re-cording
  • Mini and Vertical Blind Procurement
  • Periodic Blind Dusting and Washing
  • Carpet Care
  • Dry, Steam and Foam Shampooing
  • Spot Cleaning
  • Vacuuming
  • Fabric & Furniture Maintenance
  • Fabric Partition Cleaning
  • Fabric Shampooing, Dry Cleaning and Foam Cleaning
  • Leather Cleaning and Conditioning
  • Floor Care
  • Cleaning Beneath Raising Tile Flooring
  • Marble Restoration
  • Marble, Terrazzo, Cement, Wood, Vinyl Tile, Rubber and Ceramic Floor Care
  • Surface Cleaning of Raised Tile Flooring
  • General Cleaning
  • Conference Room Cleaning
  • Heavy Rubbish Removal
  • Kitchen and Break Room Maintenance
  • Lobbies and Common Areas
  • Office Cleaning
  • Porter/Matron Services
  • Post-Construction Cleanup
  • Pre/Post Move-In Cleanup
  • Restroom Cleaning and Supplies
  • Window Cleaning
  • Public Space Maintenance
  • Graffiti Removal
  • Landscaping
  • Litter Removal
  • Pressure Washing
  • Street Cleaning




Providing office cleaning services is the center of our business; as your office is the center of yours. Business productivity remains dependent upon the health and morale of your staff, and it is LNK Janitorial Services Building Cleaning’ priority to maintain a clean space for them to operate and succeed. Our office cleaning services combine our full line of branded, Green Seal Certified cleaning chemicals and state-of-the-art janitorial processes to give your business the highest quality level of clean.

LNK Janitorial Services Building Cleaning main focus when it entered the commercial cleaning industry over a decade ago was office and office building cleaning. Start your day knowing the experts in the industry have taken care of every detail to make sure your business is ready to go, the moment you arrive.

We Focus on Details. What defines a great janitorial service is their attention to detail. LNK Janitorial Services Building Cleaning Solutions certified cleaners have an extensive training program which teaches them exactly that. Baseboards, high traffic areas, faucets, microwaves and shelving – not a detail is overlooked.

Keeping Your Office Healthy. This is our priority; Our signature processes which range from preventing cross contamination to reduction in indoor air pollution with state-of-the-art chemicals and materials all focus on eliminating harmful dirt, viruses, bacteria, spores and harsh chemicals to keep your employees and customers safe.

Our Sanitation Services. LNK Janitorial Services Building Cleaning Solutions can be used in high traffic and hard to reach areas for an extra level of clean.

Green is Our Standard. LNK Janitorial Services Building Cleaning Building Solutions makes it that much easier and affordable to go green. All of our services come with our commitment to health and the environment, from using our certified green chemicals, reusable microfiber towels, HEPA filtration vacuums, 100% post consumer recycled tools and materials – we offer all at no additional charge to you.

Professionalism and Reliability. Uniformed, badged and with an aptitude for security, you can assure that your office is safe and maintains a professional image when receiving services from LNK Janitorial Services Building Cleaning.

Fully Insured. Every one of our LNK Janitorial Services Building Cleaning Solutions franchisees and cleaners are covered by our Workers Compensation, Liability and Bond insurance packages.

Quality Guaranteed. We conduct surveys at your location on a continuous basis and assess with you the quality of our cleans on a 50 point, 5-star rated system. If 5-star quality is not being met, we take the time to make it right.

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Most companies charge separately for labor-intensive special services such as stripping and waxing floors 25 cents – 50 cents a square foot), carpet cleaning ($20-$40 an hour), and cleaning microwaves or refrigerators ($10-$35 per appliance). Generally the larger the office, the lower the cost per square foot.

Commercial cleaning services provide help for offices, restaurants, retail locations, medical facilities, schools, churches and more. Some customers hire professional cleaners for a one-time service, and others use a cleaning service multiple times a week on an ongoing basis. Pros will help clean small storefronts or offices under 1,000 square feet up to massive ware Apartment spaces or corporate offices over 10,000 square feet. Several factors affect the cost of commercial cleaning.

Square footage

The larger the space to be cleaned, the higher the cost because the job will take more time, products and potentially people power. Here’s a hypothetical breakdown of commercial cleaning costs from LNK Janitorial Services Residential and Commercial Cleaning:

Standard, 1,000-square-foot doctor’s office: $105, including three bathrooms, eight rooms, a receptionist desk, waiting room, hallway and front windows—vacuum, sweep and mop for all. Three hours at $35 per hour.

Standard, two-floor, 10,000-square-foot business office: $210, including four bathrooms, two lunch areas or kitchens, a receptionist area, 10 offices, 10 windows, stairs and a sitting area— vacuum, sweep and mop for all. Six hours at $35 per hour.

Standard 20,000-square-foot commercial business space: $420, including four bathrooms, an executive office, four offices, lunchroom, customer service area, show room, main entrance and front windows, with cleaning for all floors. Twelve hours at $35 per hour.




Windows, bathrooms and lunchrooms or kitchens generally take longer to clean and disinfect than hallways, offices or waiting rooms. The greater the number of windows to be washed and the more higher-traffic areas to be cleaned, the greater the total cleaning cost will be.


Some commercial cleaners charge a flat rate to clean a commercial space. Generally, they will do a site visit and walkthrough to determine about how many employees will be needed and how long the job will take. LNK Janitorial Services Residential and Commercial Cleaning assesses the square footage, number of rooms and type of rooms, and then breaks down the job by the hour to provide an estimate to clients.


Some commercial cleaning companies charge by the hour for their services. These companies may provide a free walkthrough assessment and an approximate total cost based on the number of hours they think it could take to clean a space. This cost estimate can vary after the job is complete, and the total cost for services and time it takes to clean the same space may vary from cleaning to cleaning. According to LNK Janitorial Services Residential and Commercial Cleaning, $20–$35 per worker per hour is a standard price range.




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