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LNK Janitorial Services, . is your source for commercial and industrial floor scrubbers and sweepers. We offer sales, rentals, parts, detergent, and service for all brands of floor cleaning machinery. In business since 1994, we represent four of the finest lines of industrial cleaning equipment: Tennant, Factory Cat, Bulldog and PowerBoss. Customers can save thousands of dollars by purchasing our FCE Certified re-manufactured equipment, and aftermarket parts like brushes and squeegees are available at very competitive prices. We offer local service and rentals LINCOLN NE . And we ship floor cleaning equipment and parts anywhere in the world. You can rely on our expertise to keep your floors clean and safe for your employees and customers.

  • We can clean large areas of the factory floor
  • Washroom and welfare facility cleaning with our highly efficient no-touch system
  • The no-touch cleaning system combines an indoor/outdoor pressure washer with metered chemical injection, and a powerful wet/dry vacuum, resulting in a ”deep clean” every time. No need for cloths and mops.
  • Suitable for all washable surfaces and floors in any location.
  • Already proven successful in industrial areas of high dust and dirt production


Some of the standards and measures adopted by American factories are ‘for show only’. Let’s take air showers in PCBA factories, for example.

In the electronic industry, SMT machines and even assembly lines tend to be in a clean room behind an air shower. These air showers tend to be for impressing visitors only:

  • They blow air for only about 20 seconds, which doesn’t make much difference. In paint shops, where dust creates many defects, air is blown for 2 full minutes. And, in itself, it is far from sufficient to keep the inside clean.
  • Air showers in China are often inexpensive and can only contain 2 or 3 people. When 80 people need to get out and have lunch, do they really go through it?? If the normal door is unlocked, you know what is going to happen.

Now, let’s look at the first steps that really make a difference and cost next to nothing.

What are the very basics to avoid most of the dust out of a building?

  1. Look in the air vents: is there a filter, and is it changed every 2-3 months? Is the inside of the air duct clean? (It can be wiped with a wet mop.)
  2. Keep cardboard materials away from the area as much as possible, as it was found in many instances to be the largest source of dust in the whole factory. You may use plastic curtain made like a clean tunnel, to keep cartons aside. You can then vacuum, or wipe with a damp cloth, the cardboard storage area on a regular schedule.
  3. Have the ground painted or coated, as concrete creates a lot of dust — especially low-quality concrete.
  4. Avoid certain types of clothes such as blue jeans.
  5. Don’t open the windows, except if a fan is affixed to them (to create positive pressure and keep most contaminants from coming in).
  6. Get rid of dust all around the factory on a weekend: clean the whole place with a vacuum cleaner and a wet mop, and go everywhere there might be a buildup of dust.
  7. Have someone walk all around the factory with a wet mop at a certain schedule (e.g. once every 2 days).

If one part of the operation needs to be kept at a higher standard of cleanliness, set up a transparent plastic film around it. People walk into it through a slit, and a fan keeps positive air pressure.

All this is inexpensive. It is not an investment of over 1,000 USD for a small factory.

These good practices help with quality, with equipment maintenance, with safety (think of the wooden chips in corners of some furniture worLincoln NE hops), and with morale (who wants to work in a pigsty?).

Have you seen some of your suppliers do this well? Have they applied any smart and effective measures? Let me know by leaving your comment!

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