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Are you searching for mall restroom cleaning service in  Lincoln NE? LNK Janitorial Services is providing its best mall restroom cleaning services to cater your aim of keeping this section of mall neat and clean. Your visitors will be pleased to get such a clean restroom and your concern for hygiene will be appreciated.  Best mall restroom cleaning service of Lincoln!

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It is necessary to ensure that your mall restroom is absolutely clean, you’re ready to continue keeping this vital section of your facility free of germs, dirt, and bacteria. Follow through on a regular restroom cleaning regimen to help keep your commercial bathrooms spotless and sanitary. Here, you require the mall restroom cleaning service. Our aim is to clean effectively, prevent cross-contamination into other areas, and present a visually appealing restroom.


Shopping malls receive a high volume of traffic at this time of year. Since school is out, many families head to the mall to spend some time together and escape the summer heat. Though this steady stream of customers is great for business, the increase in traffic makes it difficult for you to clean your facilities throughout the day. Here are some tips on the best practices for mall restroom cleaning. In order to provide the best conditions for mall patrons, you should shut down your restrooms once a day so that your custodial team can thoroughly clean the facilities. Furthermore, in an effort to prevent the buildup of bacteria, your team should clean touch points and other key areas several times during your hours of operation. But finding appropriate times to clean these areas can be challenging. As many malls include shops, restaurants, movie Theatres, and family attractions, these complexes attract a lot of visitors during various times of the day.


Touch points, such as stall doors, paper towel dispensers, and soap dispensers, need constant attention throughout your hours of business because they can be major sources of bacteria transfer. Your custodians may use rags and disposable wipes to clean these touch points, but they must replace or wash them every time they move on to a new surface, as not doing so can lead to dangerous cross-contamination. In an effort to prevent this bacteria transfer, your team should use numbered microfiber towels. By following the number sequence, custodians can avoid using the same section of the towel to clean multiple surfaces.


Keeping your mall restroom clean is essential if you want to run a high-quality facility, prevent dangerous health hazards, and deter vandalism. To help you and your cleaning staff stay on top of routine cleanings, we’ve created this mall restroom cleaning checklist.

  • Put Up Wet Floor Signs

Place signs inside the bathroom and at the entrance to let anyone who may enter know that the floor could be slippery.


  • Dust, Sweep, and Empty Trash

Dust all fixtures, vents, countertops, etc. before sweeping the floors. Then empty the trash receptacles and put in a new liner.


  • Refill Soap, Paper Towels, and Toilet Paper

Refill all soap, paper towel, and toilet paper dispensers so occupants will have access to the sanitation products.


  • Clean Toilets and Urinals

For the best results, pre-treat the toilet bowls and inside the urinals first and allow the cleaner to sit for one to two minutes. Then, clean the toilets and urinals thoroughly both inside and out.


  • Clean Sinks, Mirrors, and Countertops

There should be no smudges, fingerprints, water stains, soap buildup, or other marks when you’re finished.


  • Clean Walls and Fixtures

Wipe down the walls, doors, knobs, bathroom partitions, and other fixtures.


  • Mop the Floor

With a wet mop, work your way from the back of the restroom toward the door. Allow the floor to dry completely before opening the restroom to guests to prevent any unwanted injury


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