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Is your home found to be infested with mold? Need mold cleaning services near Lincoln NE? Just call us now and rest assured that we will be there in no time to remove it for you. Free estimates! Call today or schedule online easily! Mold spores can quickly grow into colonies when exposed to water. Before mold remediation can begin, any sources of water or moisture must be addressed. Otherwise, the mold may return. Mold often produces a strong, musty odor and can lead you to possible mold problem areas.

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Water is the giver of life, but it can also be one of your greatest enemies. Water leakage can lead to the growth of mold, which can cause much damage to your home or office premises. When mold becomes the breeding ground for irritants and allergens, it can also have long lasting effects on the health of everyone who happens to inhale the microscopic mold spores.

A simple plumbing leak can wreak havoc on your premises in a matter of days, as standing water presents a great environment for mold fungi to thrive. Although a small amount of mold will not hurt most people, mold can multiply rapidly if left unchecked and can cause respiratory problems, allergic reactions and even nervous system breakdowns. Don’t underestimate the health hazards caused by mold. Allow   LNK Janitorial Services to expertly attend to your mold problem right away.




Mold thrives particularly well in humid environments, which is why Singaporean business owners have to be particularly vigilant of the risks and how to prevent it. The key to preventing mold is to watch out for plumbing leaks, which causes standing water – even the smallest leak can have devastating effects over time. Mold thrives on water so you must remove any excess and unwanted water. Additionally, you should attempt to keep the humidity factor at 45 or below to prevent mold from growing.

When you notice the tell-tale musty odor of mold around the site of a plumbing leak, it is important to call in the plumber to repair the water leakage promptly, otherwise all your attempts to get rid of the mold will be in vain.

Mold grows rapidly and becomes increasingly more difficult to remove if left unattended. It can travel via the air and tends to stick to all kinds of surfaces, including the ducts and vents of your air conditioning unit. Mold is ever-present and must be addressed as swiftly as possible.




  1. If you believe that your building has been infected with mold for a long time, you might need to consult a healthcare professional to assess your employees. Mold can have devastating effects on people’s health. You will also require expert mold cleaning services to thoroughly inspect the building and take the necessary steps to remove mold and ensure that the premises are safe for use.
  2. Contaminated water can also cause mold to grow more rapidly. Call a plumber to test your potable water supply and to install a water filtration system.
  3. Do not operate your air conditioning system if you suspect that it may be moldy. The last thing you want is mold spores spreading virally throughout your offices via the air conditioning system!
  4. 4. Call in the mold cleaning experts. Our mold-busters at LNK Janitorial Services

will assess the property to ascertain which areas have been affected by mold. They will use state-of-the-art equipment to identify, contain and isolate mold growth, especially since it is often invisible to the naked eye. Our mold cleaning team will then take the steps necessary for preventing further damage and spreading of the mold.

The cleaners can even capture and contain mold that floats around in the air. This is especially significant, as it prevents the onset and spreading of allergens which are harmful to humans. All surfaces – furniture, floors, air conditioners and the like will be specially cleaned and sanitized so that the mold is permanently removed.

When we have concluded our mold cleaning services at your premises, you can rest assured that you and your staff are left with a safe and healthy mold-free environment.


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