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Looking for your Rubbish Removal? We are here for you from LNK Janitorial Services. Clutter Free Junk Removal & Cleanup Pros Your One Stop Removal & Cleanup Service. Huge Mess? Don’t Stress! We Do it All. Free Estimates. 15% off First Job. Look No Further. Financing Available. Videos of Before & After. Free Estimates. Simply the Best. Deep Cleaning. Discreet Service. Junk and debris removal, hauling, and pickup company in LINCOLN NE  . Rubbish removal and debris services removal services.

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LNK JANITORIAL SERVICES is a hoarding clean out company offering hoarder clean out service and clutter clean out service 24/7. We have the patience and experience to complete any hoarding clean out or clutter clean out service. We remove junk & trash, tear out carpet, linoleum & wood floors and clean out & sanitize the entire affected area. We are specially equipped to deal with a bug or rodent infestation during the hoarder cleans out or clutter clean out service. We have dealt with mice, rats, snakes, cockroaches, spiders, bed bugs, animal feces clean up & animal hoarding clean out many times. Rodents, bugs and animals are a common problem during hoarding junk removal services or clutter junk removal services. This is the main reason to have a professional hoarding trash removal service complete the animal hoarder clean out service, gross filth clean out service or clutter clean out service. PLEASE CALL ANYTIME 

LNK JANITORIAL SERVICES is available 24/7 for trash removal service, junk removal service, rubbish removal service or garbage removal service. We specialize in office furniture removal, house furniture removal, piano removal, pool table removal, refrigerator removal, television removal, appliance removal, clutter removal, hoarding junk removal, swimming pool removal, hot tub removal, Jacuzzi removal, fence removal, deck removal, shed removal, barn removal, swing set removal, brush removal, wood removal, metal removal, construction debris removal, sign removal, safe removal, wood floor removal, tile floor removal, wet carpet removal, wet drywall removal, wet ceiling removal & attic insulation removal. We can handle any size trash clean out & junk clean out. We offer basement cleanout, crawlspace clean out, cellar clean out, attic clean out, garage cleanout, building clean out, home clean out, apartment clean out, estate clean out & commercial clean out. Call us for trash pickup & trash disposal service, junk pick up & junk disposal service, rubbish pick up & rubbish disposal service or garbage pickup & garbage disposal service. PLEASE CALL ANYTIME 24/7 FOR A FREE TRASH REMOVAL & JUNK REMOVAL ESTIMATE

LNK JANITORIAL SERVICES offers commercial demolition service and residential demolition service 24/7. We are an interior demolition company fully equipped for a whole house gut out service, commercial building gut out service, wet basement gut out service or home gut out service. We are also an exterior demolition company geared up for a whole house demolition, building demolition, garage demolition, home demolition, barn demolition, shed demolition, porch demolition, wood deck demolition, swimming pool demolition, fence demolition, wood floor demolition & tile floor demolition. We will gut out a house or demolish a building and remove all the construction debris from the property. We have enough manpower and equipment for any shed demo service, garage demo service, basement demo service, house demo service or commercial building demo service. PLEASE CALL ANYTIME 24/7 

LNK JANITORIAL SERVICES is available 24/7 for all animal feces removal services including rodent feces clean up, rat feces clean up, mice feces clean up, bat feces clean up, raccoon feces clean up, cat feces clean up, dog feces clean up, pigeon feces clean up, squirrel feces clean up, mouse feces clean up & bird feces clean up service. Animal feces can lead to unsafe conditions for breathing and improper animal feces clean up techniques can stir up fecal contaminants causing respiratory problems. This is the main reason to have a professional animal feces removal company complete the rat feces removal, bat feces removal, cat feces removal, mice feces removal, raccoon feces removal, mouse feces removal, pigeon feces removal, dog feces removal, squirrel feces removal, bird feces removal or rodent feces removal service.

LNK JANITORIAL SERVICES is equipped for any size flood damage removal, water damage removal, sewage damage removal, mold damage removal or fire damage removal emergency service 24/7. We offer flood clean up, water cleanup, sewage clean up, mold clean up, mud clean up, sludge clean up, fire clean up, smoke clean up and soot clean up from your damaged home or damaged building. We offer wet carpet removal, wet insulation removal, wet drywall removal, wet ceiling removal & wet wood floor removal. Call us 24/7 for emergency water removal service, emergency mud removal or emergency sewage removal service.

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