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Looking for Strata Cleaning in LINCOLN NE ? We are here for you from LNK Janitorial Services. Keep your strata property clean and well-maintained – With daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly or quarterly strata cleaning. The LNK Janitorial Services service includes Vacuuming stair wells and common areas. Mopping hard surfaces. One-stop Service for Your Strata Cleaning needs. It takes a good cleaning crew to clean an entire building and keep all the tenants happy. Free Estimates available.

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It takes a good cleaning crew to clean an entire building and keep all the tenants happy. The secret is to have the right team, with the right attitude, training and equipment. We’re Strata Cleaning specialists and we’re looking forward to cleaning your premises.

What makes us different?

Cleaning strata premises means handling a range of different cleaning in Lincoln NE . Floors, walls, ceilings, windows, car par Lincoln NE , lawns and roofs. Finding a company that can handle all those ib Lincoln NE  equally well is a challenge. 

We have many years of experience providing strata cleaning services to Brisbane, the Gold and Sunshine Coasts. 

All our cleaners are fully trained and police-checked for your security. We’re punctual, dependable and fully insured. 

We also come at the right price. Our size means we’ve achieved an economy of scale that’s hard to beat. Even though you’ve got a larger than normal premises, we can clean it for a cost that will probably surprise you. 

But the best feature we offer is this: every month, one of our auditing staff will inspect the quality of the cleaning job being performed by our team. It’s how we ensure that our standards don’t wane over time but instead, rise higher and higher.

Here’s our Strata Cleaning skill set:

  • Standard Cleaning in Lincoln NE (vacuum, sweep, mop, dust, etc)
  • Bins / Rubbish Removal
  • Vinyl Floor Strip and Seal
  • Car Park Cleaning
  • Graffiti Removal
  • Lift Cleaning
  • Grounds Maintenance
  • Emergency Exit Stairwells
  • Light Switches and Fittings
  • Air-conditioning Units
  • Steam Carpet Cleaning
  • Dry Carpet Cleaning
  • Glass and Window Cleaning – regular or at height
  • Hardwood Floor Stripping
  • Steam Pressure Cleaning
  • Kitchen and Toilet Consumables
  • Exterior Pressure Cleaning
  • Tile and Grout Cleaning
  • Roof Cleaning


Our strata cleaners are some of the most experienced in the industry and they are all fully trained and licensed. Although we are only into our second decade of operations, we have become an employer of choice for our staff. That means we now boast one of the most experienced strata cleaning .

We’re flexible in our hours of operation. We can deliver you a tailored plan that sees a customised mix of cleaning to suit your operations.

LNK Janitorial Services believes that high density living is the way of the future in our modern cities.

We are committed to enhancing an environment that residents can be proud of.

We aim to provide a service that adds value to your living space and harmony amongst all owners, tenants and stake holders.

  • We specialise in strata property maintenance – and have done for more than 20 years

So we have all the equipment, personnel and experience to help maintain your strata property – no matter what size it is, or what your budget is.

  • We have a staff training and quality control program

This helps to ensure that all the work done at your property is of the highest professional standard. All staff and franchisees are highly qualified.

  • All Clean Green Strata wear easy-to-spot uniforms bearing the company name

Making it easy for you and residents to recognise who is working around your property. (So you can easily make certain that the person working on your property should be there.)

  • All Clean Green Strata vehicles are clearly signed and branded

Each van is clearly branded with Clean Green Strata signage, so you’ll also be sure who’s pulling up on your property – and what they’re doing there.

  • We are happy to come to your Annual General Meeting if requested

This allows you and the owner’s corporation to provide personal feedback so that we can give you a better service. And also takes a level of follow‐up off the hands of the strata manager.

  • We can provide you with Property Assessment Reports

These reports are internal Quality Control measures we use to monitor the performance of our staff and franchisees at your property. They are available to you on request.


Are You Ready for the Best Strata Cleaning Services in the Lincoln Area?


LNK Janitorial Services is waiting for your call, always ready to help you treat your place as you would treat yourself when you want to relax.



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