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Looking For the best School Floor Cleaning Near Lincoln NE? LNK Janitorial Services is the best cleaning services in and around Lincoln NE. Cost? Free estimates. Best School Floor Cleaning in Lincoln NE.  With the busy term time having passed, renovation gets underway and a deep clean can be carried out to prepare spaces for the return of the students. It’s a challenging time and proper scheduling is vital since any delays can have knock on effects that disrupt other work. It’s therefore vital to partner with service teams who can stick to schedules, arrive promptly and complete work correctly. Maintenance of hard flooring, be it in a school hall, classroom or lecture theatre is a regular job in these institutions and one that needs to be completed right first time. Cost of School Floor Cleaning Services?

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We pride ourselves on our professionalism. Much of our work comes from word of mouth, from clients who are impressed with our services. We’ve found that our customers love our punctuality, arriving on time and completing jobs on schedule at the price quoted. Having completed work for a huge variety of different businesses across Lincoln NE, we understand how even small delays and unexpected costs can create major problems, so we make sure they don’t happen. Working with LNK Janitorial Services means no nasty surprises before or after the job is complete.

Having spent many years working with established schools and nurseries across  Lincoln NE, we’ve become comfortable with the management structure of educational institutions. We know how to communicate effectively when on a site with multiple areas in need of cleaning services.

Often, different buildings of colleges have different supervisors or managers in charge and effective communication is vital to avoid delays. This is something we’re extremely comfortable with, having done it many times before we’re confident that you and your team will find working with us a breath of fresh air.

With years of experience providing hard floor and other cleaning services to schools and colleges, you can rest assured that hiring us means you’ll enjoy outstanding results. Whether we’re simply buffing and polishing a floor, or fully stripping, sealing or varnishing it, our experience means we’ll get it right first time, every time. Hard floor maintenance is a challenging job and mistakes can be costly, but this isn’t something you need to worry about when you work with us. An experienced team makes for the best results.

Over the years we’ve also gathered together a selection of some of the most cutting edge equipment for hard floor maintenance. We’re not content with simply providing a standard hard floor cleaning service to schools, nurseries and colleges, we want to deliver truly outstanding results. Our equipment not only cleans more effectively than the alternatives, it cleans more quickly and creates results which last longer. Your facility will therefore benefit from the outstanding value for money of our services and you’ll be supporting a local, family-run business too.

If your school, 6th form college or university needs hard floor maintenance or other cleaning services that you can truly depending on, LNK Janitorial Services are the team you need to hire. Our punctual, thorough service delivers the results you need, on time and at budget friendly prices. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you.



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